Fin Fest 17 Card Sharks Poker Crawl Official Rules

Please read these rules and ask questions before you start crawling; Rules may become confusing as your crawl progresses!

1. Must be 21 to participate.
2. Fee: $25 in advance; $30 day of event (with t-shirt). No refunds.
3. Registrants receive one poker hand scoring sheet per registration. ONE PERSON = ONE CARD.
4. The Poker Crawl officially runs from 2pm-6pm. ALL SCORING SHEETS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE TIN ROOF BY 6:30pm Judges keep official time!
5. You must have your scoring sheet with you at all stops to draw a card.
6. You must draw your own cards! NO CARD POOLING OR SHARING. NO EXCEPTIONS!
7. You are required to draw cards at all locations. You need five (5) cards to complete your poker hand.
8. Participants will “cut” the deck themselves at each stop. Card drawn will be marked on your scoring card by the Crawl stop host. If you draw a duplicate card, you must draw again.
9. Your scoring sheet will be stamped at each Crawl stop. Your sheet must have at least 5 DIFFERENT stamps in order to submit a hand.
10. High hand prizes: Hands with 5 of a kind are not permitted. High hands will be ranked as follows: 1) Royal Straight Flush 2) Royal Flush 3) Straight Flush 4) Four of a Kind 5) Full House 6) Flush 7) Straight 8) Three of a Kind 9) Two Pair 10) Pair and 11) High Card.
11. Low hand prize: Straights & Flushes do not count as combos. Aces are counted as low (below 2s).
12. YOU DECIDE YOUR BEST HAND. A hand consists of 5 cards drawn during the Crawl. You are responsible for writing your best hand into to space provided on your scoring sheet. No exceptions!
13. In the event of a tie, the winning players will pick a card from the deck, high card wins.
14. You must be present at the Crawl awards ceremony to receive any prizes. Prizes awarded to Best Hand and Worst Hand.
15. Additional rules may be put in place the day of the Crawl at the judges’ discretion. Announcements will be made prior to the start if any changes are required. All decisions by the judges are final.

The Palmetto Parrot Head Club and its sponsors are not responsible for attendee’s behavior, or for any accident or injury which may occur.

Please drink responsibly.